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Wooden Golf Set

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Wooden Golf Set
Wooden Golf Set
Wooden Golf Set
Wooden Golf Set

It’s time to hit the links with this adorable Golf Set! Set includes Walnut and Red Oak club and putter, two Beech wood balls, a Red Oak rainbow tunnel, and a Red Oak spinning windmill Hole in one!

comes with a canvas storage bag. Course parts break down for storage.


Size (approximate)

Club- 25” tall

Putter- 23.35” Tall

Rainbow- 10.25” L x 5.5” H

Windmill- 8” L x 7.75 H x 6.5” D 



Due to the nature of our materials each item we create is unique. We never use any paints, stains, or dyes. All items are finished in an all natural, non-toxic beeswax and orange oil polish.


Made in Texas.

Please allow two to three week turn around for shipping.

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