Logan’s grandfather was a woodworker and some of his most precious memories are of spending time as a child out in the woodshop or helping his grandparents sell their wood crafts at craft shows. Gramps would make him little wooden animals and cars for him to play with, some of which he still has to this day! For me my mother was always taking on projects and fixing up furniture for me an my siblings, some of which are in our home and currently being used by our children.  In 2015 our first son was born and with these special memories in mind we really wanted to do something like that for him. On our little apartment balcony we used basic tools to make the first rolling toy- a squirrel! This was so much fun that we  soon came up with a few more ideas to make for our nieces and nephews and that is how Wild Oak Toy Company (Wild Oak Co.)  was born! 

We hope to design and handcraft beautiful toys that can be passed down from generation to generation, and while doing so use sustainable practices on both the production and retail sides of the business.


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Logan & Brittnie Gardner


Inspired by classic toys from our childhood and reimagined with a modern twist. Our heirloom wooden toys are handcrafted with the highest quality and care in our small family workshop located in Huntsville, TX. Our goal is to design and create beautiful toys that can be passed down and played with for generations to come.